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“Though Lord M’Tevy wrote his hypothetical treatise ‘Music And Moving Pictures: The Concept of Giving the Combination Awards’ in 1884, it wasn’t until Sir Muchington Much begun his traveling sideshow, ‘Sir Muchington Much’s Music Video Awards and Steak Dinner Revue’ over 50 years later that people began to pay attention to the concept of ‘Music Video Awards.’ We admit he was bolstered by the dawn of synchronised audio. As children are taught in our schools, Sir Much’s traveling sideshow soon turned into a yearly gala event, the most recent of which, the Much Music Video Awards 2007, we liveblog.”

My first liveblog! I’m not entirely sure how I feel about liveblogging in general, really. On one hand, it can be a good way to get information on something that you can’t see live (Eurogamer’s liveblogs are always great during press conferences) but on the other hand, for things you can actually watch yourself (like the Oscars, other award shows) they often seem pretty pointless, a bit too “straight.”

Which is probably why I spend most of my time in this liveblog wittering on about anything that comes to mind and, usually, trying to be as funny and sarcastic about people as possible – probably the only liveblog you’re going to read with lengthy digressions on Mr. T and New Order. I think it’s worked out, and I’m absolutely astonished that I managed to write nearly 4,000 words in about 3 hours.

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