Hello, my name is Mathew Kumar.

Welcome to my personal website! This site used to be more of a formal “workblog” but I honestly just couldn’t be arsed to update it anymore, so I’ve decided to pair it down into a “jumping off point” for anyone who is interested to learn more about me (in a non-creepy way.) The best way to start off is to check out my biography. If you’re looking for the elevator pitch, however, I’m a game designer and producer who has worked on titles including Sound Shapes (by Queasy Games, for PlayStation 3 and Vita), They Bleed Pixels (by Spooky Squid Games, for PC on Steam) and Dyad (by ][ Games for PlayStation 3 and PC on Steam.)

I’ve also been a game journalist/writer/critic for years, so I can suggest heading over to the exp. Magazine website, where you can read about the independent video game magazine that I design, write, publish and distribute.

Sound Shapes | They Bleed Pixels | Dyad
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